Blockchain-focused rating website RatingToken has recently launched of a new sentiment analysis tool designed to quantify and grade online sentiment towards blockchain projects. By using textual analysis technology to study publicly available content across Facebook, Twitter and Telegram, RatingToken is able to produce a “Sentiment Score” for individual blockchain products. In this way, users can quickly see if a project has a positive or negative reputation online, and how it ranks compared to other projects.

Looks like RatingToken’s sentiment analysis will be a valuable tool for investors, researchers and the media to evaluate the reputation, social media impact, and even the long-term viability of blockchain projects.


Unlike other online tools that simply analyze statistical indicators such as the number of followers, shares and likes, RatingToken uses deep learning and artificial intelligence technologies to sift through and analyze massive amounts of textual data. Through deep learning models such as LSTM (long short-term memory) and CNN (convolutional neural networks), the platform automatically recognizes word order features and deep semantics in order to provide a highly accurate sentiment score.


In a quote by RatingToken’s product manager, Zhang Wenjun stated, “RatingToken’s new sentiment analysis feature reinforces our commitment to providing fair and impartial evaluation tools for blockchain projects. We are constantly updating and improving our entire platform with new evaluation tools in order to provide investors and researchers with the data they need to make informed decisions.”


RatingToken begins by parsing input data language and eliminating non-essential words or symbols to reduce interference. It then turns input words into data and integrates them into a LSTM+CNN-based NLP (natural language processing) algorithm which measures sentiment. RatingToken’s sentiment algorithm also looks at volume, or the total number of comments about a particular project, when calculating Sentiment Score.



There are many technologies on the market that use textual analysis to calculate user sentiment, but this is the first time they have been applied to the blockchain industry. With its new sentiment analysis feature, RatingToken is utilizing these technologies to help users more easily evaluate blockchain products in an increasingly crowded marketplace.


A beta version of RatingToken’s sentiment analysis tool is currently online with Sentiment Scores for nearly 200 projects. RatingToken believes in building an open blockchain ecosystem. Therefore, it is also offering third-party developers open access to its sentiment analysis API. RatingToken believes in building an open blockchain ecosystem. Interested parties can contact the RatingToken team at regarding APIs and other data sharing requests.