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A one-stop-shop for all of your business needs, from advice and recommendations to reviews and tips for anyone involved in the business industry.

After setting up my own business and struggling with who to turn to for advice, i realised there was an opportunity for another business within my struggle for my original business. A blog!

This was when TheTacticalBusiness was born. I wanted to be able to share the experiences i had learnt when starting my own company and create a place where others could share their challenges and advice.

My blog has since grown huge amounts, i’ve learnt a lot about the business world from creating the blog, meeting people who have shared their stories on my blog and becoming more invested in the business world and providing helpful and actionable information to my readership.

I hope you find my blog useful and gain knowledge on business from reading my content.

My tips to succeed

Getting ahead in the business world is rarely an accident. Ensure you have a plan and understand the pitfalls that await you before diving in.

It goes without saying that to succeed in the business world you need to be organised. Work out how you will complete tasks and how you will track them to ensure nothing is missed.

If you don’t know where you currently stand how can you possibly plan for the future? Keep detailed records and make sure they are ALWAYS up-to-date.

All businessmen and woman understand that to succeed you need to take risks. Make sure these risks are calculated and that you understand the pitfalls and worst-case scenarios. Knowing how you will deal with it could be the difference between surviving or not.

Understand short-term and long-term goals and ensure you remain focused on those goals.

Learn early on that you will need to sink your personal time into your business to help you get started. If you have a family, discuss this with them and prepare them for the hard times.

This is key, learn and create good habits that will keep you on track.


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