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Would you like to write for this blog?

Before you get started please be aware that I only let the highest quality articles and guides appear on my blog. As it has my name attached it it’s also got my reputation at stake so please don’t be offended if you’re work isn’t what I’m looking for.

That being said I’m it’s always exciting seeing publications, thoughts and techniques that business experts for employ in their tactics for starting, maintaining and more importantly, scaling a business. Also, anything from wider world of business, employment, recruitment, career paths and management appeals to me.

Whilst every article pitched to me won’t make it online, I do review all submissions and would be more than happy to work with an author whose work is relevant and just needs a little tweaking to make the grade as my readers would love to see it.

Article submissions

Here’s a short rundown of what I tend to look for when someone sends in a guest post:

  • The articles is of reasonable length. (That doesn’t mean I want war and peace …)
  • X step guides. Everyone loves these – The 10 best ways to …
  • Tips and how-to guides always work well.
  • Correct use of grammar. Txt speak, slang and poor sentence structure will not find a home on this blog.
  • Link out to your other work, let us know who you are and why we should listen to you.
  • The piece is an enjoyable read. Think easy to scan, not a long slog.

Topics I want to see

  • Management
  • Building a business
  • Start-up advice
  • How to scale a business
  • How to sell a business
  • Getting investment
  • Marketing
  • Online basics
  • Recruitment
  • Company success stories
  • Job negotiation
  • Time management

The most common articles I like to share are:

  • Advice pieces
  • Reviews on Businesses or Business related products
  • Opinion Articles
  • Top 10 articles (Top 10 ____ for Businesses)
  • Fact Articles
  • Q&A’s with Business figures

Further guidelines

  • I don’t want to see an endless block of text. Readers need headings, paragraphs, lists, and images. Make it interesting.
  • Obvious things everyone knows. Pretty self-explanatory!
  • A self-promoting commercial. If you want an advert we can talk about that as well.

If you need help with what topic to write your article on or general help writing your article, I’m happy to write the article for you if you just have a great idea.

Do you work for an advertising or PR agency? If you’re work is relevant to this blog I’m open to ideas – fill in the form and say hello!

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