Almost 90% of marketing professionals believe that search engine optimisation works. Nevertheless, is there any real reason why your company needs to hire SEO specialists?

Before you answer this question, here are some factors to consider.

SEO – what can it do for your business?

You can evaluate SEO experts based on the services they provide. Here are some pointers to bear in mind.

  1. Identify the keywords people are using to look for your products and services online

An SEO professional will prepare and present a keyword research plan to help your site rank highly on the search engine results pages.   

  1. Create content that will attract customers and boost sales

By incorporating these keywords in your site’s content, you can attract visitors and customers to your web pages. Content is not merely text. Besides blogs, it also includes videos and infographics. The goal of creating content is to boost your online traffic and sales.    

  1. Optimise your website’s loading speed

People, specifically paying customers, tend to avoid slow-loading pages. You may even face a substantial loss in sales if your site doesn’t load within three seconds. 

  1. Integrate responsive designs in your web pages

Optimise your website design by incorporating enticing call-to-action (CTA) buttons and improved conversion strategies.  

  1. Improve your website’s SEO

SEO experts will typically analyse your website before recommending a suitable digital marketing strategy for your business.  

What are the benefits of obtaining outside help?

Now, back to the question – why do you need an SEO specialist? There are several reasons.

  1. You can focus more on your business 

Running a successful business will take up most of your time. Therefore, why not leave the SEO campaign to a qualified professional?

      2.  You can be confident that the best qualified person will be doing the work for you

If you are already an SEO expert, it will be quite natural to develop and implement the strategies yourself. However, what if you have little or no SEO experience? If this is the case, it may take you quite some time to correctly optimise your website and pages.  

       3.  They will boost your online traffic and sales

If you are not generating the online traffic and sales you had hoped for, an SEO professional may be able to provide a solution. Remember, your website is a powerful digital marketing tool and the only way customers will find it is through online searches.   

Employ an SEO expert who is ideal for your business

Once you have an idea about SEO and its benefits, the next step is to find an SEO specialist who is perfectly suited to your business. However, before signing any contracts, make sure you accomplish the following.

  1. Set your SEO expectations and goals

Set goals for your digital marketing campaign and make sure they are specific, achievable and measurable. For example, ‘increasing website sales by 10%’ would give you a point of reference against the actual results achieved.

This will also enable you to avoid hiring an SEO expert who cannot meet your objectives.     

        2.  Check for testimonials and reviews

It is always prudent to read or listen to people’s opinions regarding the services provided by a professional you wish to hire. Testimonials and reviews can help you decide whether the SEO consultant is the ideal person for your business.  

       3.  Set a budget and compare it with the fees charged by SEO professionals

Not all SEO experts charge the same so you need to find someone who can work within your budget. You will usually need to contact them to ascertain their rates. 

      4.  Make sure the expert uses (mostly) white hat SEO techniques

There are two SEO techniques. The white hat method will involve optimising your web pages while complying with Google’s rules. For instance, increasing your site’s loading speed will improve your page rankings. According to this SEO Guide for Your Northampton Business, optimisation can also ensure the success and growth of your online business.

Now, there is also the black hat SEO technique, which includes article spinning and keyword stuffing. If Google catches your website engaging in such shady SEO tactics, the penalty will be severe.   

      5.  Focus on asking the relevant SEO questions 

You can determine the extent of an SEO consultant’s expertise by asking questions such as:

  • How do they conduct an SEO campaign?
  • What strategies do they use to increase the organic rankings?
  • How do they track and monitor the SEO results?
  • How will they communicate and coordinate their efforts with you?

This process will enable you to identify the right SEO professional for the job.


Well-designed web pages will often attract customers and boost sales as they will usually appear at the top of the search engine results pages. SEO can help you achieve this goal. However, if you have little SEO knowledge and experience, you may wish to consider hiring an expert. Their guidance can make your website user-friendly and searchable online. In fact, SEO professionals can provide numerous benefits, but the results will depend on their expertise and your budget.       

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