Chaos and uncertainties can make any business unstable, and during these times, people look to their elders for direction and guidance. When employees are in a state of unrest, your business will not thrive. You must come out as the leader and try to be the sane one even you are freaking out. The following are a few guidelines on how to become a business leader in times of chaos.

Be Calm and Communicate

It is essential that your employees see you as calm and collected as you can be. You can be freaking out on the inside but maintain a quiet posture when you are addressing them. This will give them a sense of confidence in you and the business no matter what might be going on. Keep a conversation with your staff by giving them the information you know and what you are yet to know too.

Be Positive and Confident

As a leader, your confidence will encourage everyone else when there is chaos. Talk positively and assure your staff that all is well and maintain your composure. At the time, you might not believe that all is well. Anyone who looks up to you as a leader wants to believe in you. Remember that many of the workers will be counting on you to lead them through any situation, so you must be positive so that they can also be confident.


Do not isolate yourself when there is chaos or hide out in your office or anywhere else. You need to engage everyone so that you can also keep the clam in your place of business. When you are interacting and involving your workers, they are likely to remain calm until it settles down. Answer any questions as honestly as you can and keep them in the know about everything. Leading can be tight when there is chaos, but you need to remember that the other people in your team might be having a much more difficult time than you.

Keep an Open Mind

When there is unrest or uncertainty, sometimes the way you were running things in the business may no longer work. You need to be flexible and embrace change whenever you need to so that you can adapt. Be sure to take suggestions from others positively and try to implement any that you can use so that you can successfully lead your business through any unrest.

Keep in mind that when there is chaos, you are not the only one affected, your team or employees might be more freaked out than you. You must keep a clear head if you need to, you can take a class and learn to keep you fresh and how to become a business leader in times of chaos. This is important because you are in the spotlight as a leader to keep your people hopeful even when you are not feeling confident about a situation.

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