What does the term nanotechnology bring to mind? Is it the image of nanobots in a Sci-Fi movie? To start, nanotechnology is the study, manipulation and application of matter on an atomic and molecular scale.

Here is a brief look into what nanotechnology is and how it’s being used to improve our lives today. As nanotechnology has been explored for the past 20 years, the list of expected and unexpected uses has risen dramatically. What’s fascinating about this field of study is that scientists have discovered these atoms and molecules behave differently at the nanoscale. Due to their superior surface area and mass transfer capabilities, nanoparticles pose increased chemical and biological activity, penetrability, enzymatic reactivity, catalytic behavior, and quantum properties when compared to larger particles. This is known as the quantum effect.

From transportation and information technology to medicine and food safety, nanotechnology is helping to significantly expand technology and industry. For more on the uses of nanotechnology, check out the resource below!

Uses of Nanotechnology from NTS Innovations, a energy harvesting company

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